EXPECTED ENCOUNTERS revisited investigates the forest as a space of perception and experience of time.
Starting from the meaning of the verb "to revisit (something or someone)", it resumes the earlier project EXPECTED ENCOUNTERS (2015) by returning after two years to its place of origin - a remote old-growth forest next to the Paljakka nature preserve in Finland - with the aim to relocate the already existing images and to retake them in a different season, in summer time. After repeated walks through the given area during 4 weeks, 16 out of 28 instant images which were originally part of the series appearances had been successfully rediscovered and assembled to photomontages together with the original footage, disturbing the linearity of "before / after", a classical narrative of scientific comparison.

Within this conceptual and yet experimental setting the project explores the forest as a plurality of possible images forming an entity, as a visual structure in order to reflect upon depiction and vizualisation as processing methods of the manifestation of knowledge. At the same time, the forest also turns into the personal fiction of a reverberation room, where flash backs of the past working process occur every now and then, posing questions after the sensation of time, of presence and absence, of the present and the past.