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Artist statement

My work is based on a media-reflexive approach towards photography that combines conceptual and experimental artistic strategies. I am interested in photography both as a cultural technique and as a tool of visual knowledge production, hence the medium's innate functions of visualization, of recording and depicting are used to understand them out of the practical experience of working with the medium and to bring them forward to the surface.

In the works that have been developed since 2013, photography itself - as term and field of activity, as material and technique - appears as motive and object of investigation at the same time. It's an artistic investigation of the medium that tries to grasp its photography's versatility by picking up subdomains out of the bigger picture in order to examine them in detail. In this sense, my working method can also be described as a long-term examination of photography by the means of artistic research. Ideas for new projects often arise out of the previous working process but I also use historic technical handbooks, my own biography and education, special tools or materials that are part of photographic every-day life as sources of inspiration next to mediatheoretical questions and concepts that deal with the photographic gaze, perception and materiality. In the most recent works like REPRO (2018) or PARNIDIS GRAIN STUDIES (2018), technical basics of applied photography are used to reflect upon the processes of image production out of the practical experience.

During the working process I don't follow any formal rules, but rather the internal logic of the current working process itself, therefore the final result can be a single picture or a series, an artist book but also an installation or an object.

Claudia Rohrauer, 2019