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Collaboration with Teena Lange (D) in the frame of our artist residency at @ Nida Art Colony, LT, in October. The installation at Kioskas project space in Nida will be on display until Nov., 18th.
Photography & graphic design: Claudia Rohrauer; Textures: Teena Lange.

Investigating the fictional and imaginative potential of scientific photography and terminology, two research paths focussed on individual artistic practices are now combined temporarily for kioskas.

Surfaces and textures projected for the human to visualise and to timeframe the unknown of space.
Legends of the dunes seem captured and retold with interstellar perception.

A sojourner is a person who resides temporarily in a place, a traveler. Sojourner is also the first robotic Mars Pathfinder that landed in the Ares Vallis region in 1997, and explored Mars for around three months.

(Teena Lange)

November 2018 | MIRO MONDO - Gruppenausstellung @ Fotogalerie Wien, more infos coming soon…